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Coachi Training Dog Whistle

Coachi Training Dog Whistle

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Coachi training products have been developed by experts to create a range of training aids designed to bring behaviour and play together, through happy and safe learning experiences. At Coachi they passionately believe in the power of play, helping you to grow closer together and become lifelong pals.

The perfect whistle for the whole family to use. This training tool produces a single tone and is great for distance and recall training. Whistles keep commands consistent and can be heard over a greater distance. This great all-rounder has an adjustable lanyard, allowing for a custom fit and it's reflective too.

Suitable for all puppies and dogs 8 weeks plus.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 7.5 x 1.2 x 1cm

  • Suitable for all puppies and dogs 8 weeks plus
  • Great for distance and recall training
  • Can be heard over a greater distance
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